Hunting Trips/ Price List
Sage  late September / Blue early Oct -late Nov.
All hunt package prices include Guide, lodging, meals, fishing, Varmints and transportation during the hunt.  Hunt Prices do not include Licenses, taxidermy, meat processing or gratuity.
4 day 1X1   $7,500
7 day  1x1  $12,500

4 day  1X1 $5,500

4 day 1X1 $7,500

4 day $7,000
7 day $12,000
14 day full season $22,000

3 day $3000

4 day $7000
Archery September 1st-30th.   Firearm Oct-11th-31st & Nov 1-31st.
Archery September 1st -30th. Firearm Aug15th-Jan 31st
Archery Aug-Sept . Firearm Sept-Oct.
Black Bear

Black Bear
Spring and Fall hunts.
5 day  $3500
7 day  $4900

Regular License
Special Elk License
Youth Elk License
Regular License
Special License
Youth License

Regular License
Special License
Youth License


Over the counter license
do not need to draw.
Year Round season.
No license needed
Sage & Blue Grouse

1 day $725
Over the counter license
do not need to draw.
$72  Annual
$14  Day
1 day $725


Out West Safaris offers a variety of guided hunts. Wyoming big game can be hunted from the high desert to the pine forests of the Sierra Madres. From chasing that trophy class Mule Deer Buck, or the bull Elk hunt of a lifetime, to a first time cow elk hunt for the kids, we have something for everyone. Contact us to begin planning your hunt today.

Guided Hunt Prices
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department issues hunting licenses on a lottery type draw. All hunters must send in an application by the correct deadline. We will complete the application or assist you in doing so.
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3 day  $3,000
5 day $4,500
3 day  $2,500
5 day $4,000
Doe fawn  Antelope 1 day $750
Management Mule Deer
License Price
Trophy Bull Elk Area 108

Bull Elk Area 21 GEN

Bull Elk Area 118

Rocky Mountain  Bull Elk

Cow Elk

3 day 1X1 $2,250
3 day 2X1 $1,950

5 day 1X1 $3,250
5 day 2x1  $2,950
Regular License
Special Elk License
Reduced Cow/ Calf License
Youth Elk License
Reduced Youth Cow License

Cow Elk Area 21 type 6 and 7
Cow Elk Area 108 type 6 and 7
Reduced price license
Cow Elk Area 108 type 4
Full price license
License Price
Trophy Mule Deer Area 84
and Region W Area 82
Mule Deer
Muzzle Loader Only Mule Deer
Region Q Area 98
License Price
Pronghorn Antelope

Trophy Pronghorn

Area 55
Area 53
Area 108

Area 61
Area 57

License Price

Archery September 1st -30th. Firearm October 1st-14th
For more Info on Wyoming hunting licenses. Game and Fish. p://