Welcome to beautiful South central Wyoming, a photographers dream come true. A vast and diverse area where the landscape changes rapidly. Outfitter Gene Carrico is  also a board member of the Carbon County Museum. Born and raised in Wyoming, Gene knows the area historically and esthetically.

It takes only a hour and a half drive, over parts of the continental divide, from the Red desert to the Medicine Bow National Forest. On a half day trip it's possible to fill your camera with everything from Wild Horses, Antelope, sand dunes and old Indian fire pits to Elk and Deer high in the pine forests of the Sierra Madres.

The abundance of wildlife found here really makes these trips exciting.
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Bull ElkIndian Paint BrushBadgerFall Storm in The Sierra Madres.The morning Frost.Atlantic rimPorquepine in a cedarSpring Bloom of Sarvis BerrysRed fox sunning itself.Ranch House on the Great Divide.Buck AntelopeAspen AlleyBull Elk, Broken horn from fighting.Kokanee salmonWild FlowersPrarie Dogsfrog on savery creekFall at hunting camp.Mule Deer Bucks in the velvet.Atlantic rim snow storm.Sunset from the cabin.The South Fence LineBulll Shiras MooseBlack Bear and Coyote TracksSage Grouse.Rock Chuck.View of the rim.BeaverDrop Tine Mule DeerWind Weathered PineAspen TreesAspen AlleyView from lookout knob.